Eluned Bowen transformed with a wig from Salon Ten

A different look every day!

It’s Strictly Come Dancing season – time for sequins, make-up and wigs to transform celebrities into a new persona every week!

A different hairstyle can change even the most shrinking of violets into an entirely different person; and a wig can alter your look in seconds without the commitment of a chop and colour.

Red carpet A-listers, have long appreciated the instant glamour of a wig, and as party season approaches, more women are following suit and opting for wigs to bring a glamorous new look.

Last year, Keira Knightly revealed to InStyle UK that she has been wearing wigs for years; and Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rhianna sport a different style each time they are snapped.

Nicky Marcar, of Salon Ten, in Much Wenlock, has a stock of over 200 wigs in her dedicated wig fitting room above her award-winning hair and beauty salon.

She says that the Strictly effect, and more stars experimenting with wigs, has seen a reduction in some of the stigma attached to wigs.

So, when she asked me to come and see for myself, I jumped at the chance of a hair makeover.

As someone who currently has a short, wavy, out-of-control crop, the natural options are limited.

Watching Strictly, I swoon enviously every week at the gorgeous styles matched perfectly to each character – a cute bob for the Charleston, romantic long waves for the American Smooth, or a pink Pineapple for a Trolls-themed Cha Cha Cha!

Nicky is an expert in wig fitting.

As a hairdresser and trained wig expert, she can help find the perfect wig, using her professional expertise to find the ideal colour and cut for your face shape, complexion and occasion.

She can cut, style and customise a wig to achieve the desired look.

Climbing nervously up the stairs to her dedicated wig area, I was soon put at ease and within five minutes felt like a child with a new dressing-up box!

The dedicated, private fitting room is light and relaxed, featuring statement full-length mirrors.

Surrounded by scores of wigs, I was eager to start trying on but didn’t know where to start.

Nicky took the lead. “It’s very hard to tell what works until you try them on”, she says. “Often a wig will look gorgeous on the mannequin but won’t look right on your own head or with your face shape or colouring. Sometimes a wig that you wouldn’t have looked twice at, can look fabulous.”

Being a brunette, who has never been blonde, I was keen to try some golden hues; I was also attracted to very long Disney princess locks; and then – as I have a lot of naturally grey hair – I thought I’d see if silver would suit!

Wigs tend to get a bad press. Many women are worried they will feel heavy, itchy or – worse still – get blown off in a gust of wind.

Other common misconceptions are that they will look old-fashioned and obvious, sitting like a rug on your head.

I was struck by how light and comfortable the wigs felt on but also how securely they were attached. But what really impressed, was how each wig transformed me into a completely different person!

“You look like Angela Rippon!” commented the photographer. Or “that one is a bit Purdey from the Avengers.”

I was taken by a sleek blonde look and also a sophisticated long brunette style.

The grey wig received less enthusiastic comments, and aged me by at least a decade.

Another incredibly natural looking wig had a beach-touselled, highlighted look.

“There are fashionable new wigs being designed all the time and I love the more youthful, less-manicured look,” says Nicky. “They come in the latest colours too – not just one flat shade but with natural looking ‘roots’, ombre or highlights.”

Of course, there is a more serious side to Salon Ten, with many people opting for a wig after losing their hair due to cancer treatment or other medical conditions.

Some choose a wig similar to their real hair while others take the opportunity to embrace an entirely new look.

Recently, Nicky created a stunning blonde wedding day wig for a client who suffers hair loss.

She says, that in some cases the experience can be particularly emotional. “For people with hair loss, choosing their first wig can be a difficult process, but I hope that in our private room, and with as much time as is needed, customers will find it relaxing, welcoming and, hopefully, even fun.

“I encourage people to bring friends or family with them to help make them feel at home, and to offer advice.

“Usually, by the end of the session, everyone wants to have a go!”

This article was written by (and stars) Eluned Watson!

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