Salon Ten offer skincare advise by following some general tips that will benefit your whole body too.

Facing up to winter

The sun kissed glow of summer is fading, replaced instead by the rosy cheeks of winter.

Facing the elements unprotected, our skin has to deal with both the drying affects of central heating and of the biting frosty winds.

Cold weather and low humidity takes moisture from the skin, leaving it dry and vulnerable to cracking and bleeding.

Add to that, the fact that we’re less likely to be exercising as much, may be eating less nutrient-rich salads, and are taking on fewer glasses of water, and it’s no wonder that your face shows signs of suffering during the cold season!

Chapping, itching and blotchy redness are common at a time when you’ve probably got Christmas parties to look forward to, and really want to look your most gorgeous.

Just because it’s winter and we’re wrapped up to the nines doesn’t mean your beauty regime should go into hibernation. Look after your skin all year around and you’ll sport a healthy glow to take you through until spring!

It’s time to invest in your face and take your skincare seriously by following some general tips that will benefit your whole body too.

  1. Sunscreen – just because it isn’t July doesn’t mean those rays can’t damage your skin. Cold winds may disguise the heat of the sun but that doesn’t mean the damage isn’t being done. The glare could be even worse on snowy days in the UK or if you’re on a winter holiday, so apply sunscreen regularly. Choose a moisturiser with built-in sunscreen where possible.
  1. Drink lots of water. You won’t feel as thirsty as you did in the summer months but water is essential to keep your skin and entire body as healthy as possible.
  1. There’s no denying it’s more difficult to get out there and run in the dark, winter evenings but there’s no excuse not to join a fun exercise class or go swimming.
  1. Eat well. It’s too cold for salads but there’s no reason to neglect the fruit and vegetables. Whizz up some super soups for a low-fat, nutrient rich lunch, or make a fresh green juice for a quick and easy body boost (try a seasonal kale and apple). Omega 3 found in oily fish such as salmon and mackerel are also great for your skin, as is Omega 6 which is abundant in avocado.
  1. Moisturise thoroughly. You may find your summer moisturiser just doesn’t cut it when the cold weather strikes. Try a more oil-based moisturiser for a protective layer on the skin. Experiment until you find one that protects but doesn’t feel too greasy.
  1. Avoid alcohol and tobacco. It’s preachy and obvious but there is no denying that drinking and smoking have a detrimental affect on the entire body including your face. Keep alcohol within the recommended limit of units and give your body regular days off the booze to recover.
  1. Limit the harsh scrubs and peels. Avoid harsh, astringent alcohol-based products that could further dry out your skin. Use a mild cleanser and quality moisturizing products.
  1. Avoid super hot baths. It might seem like a lovely idea when it’s bitterly cold outside but a long hot bath can strip the skin of protective oils. Sorry, but a warm shower is best to avoid flaky skin.


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