Salon Ten recommend a simple six-step skincare routine

Six steps to being party perfect!

As we gear up for Christmas and New Year parties, your face will thank you for the TLC it receives in the weeks and months beforehand.

There’s little to be gained from last minute fixes the day before a festive bash, and trying out a harsh new mask or peel could do more harm than good; who wants a bright red allergic reaction to contrast with the glamorous little black dress?

A good basic skincare regime, teamed with healthy diet, is the only way to guarantee the flawless, radiant glow perfect for the Christmas party season. So it’s as important as ever to cleanse, tone and moisturise with a product that suits your skin type.

We recommend a simple six-step skincare routine, however, it is a little dependent on your skin type – so here’s what we think are the best products:

  1. Pre-cleanse. A gentle cleansing oil breaks down heavy party make-up and winter sunscreens to prepare the skin for cleansing.
  2. Cleanse. A soap-free cleanser that’s soothing and gentle will remove toxins and remaining impurities without taking away vital natural moisture.
  3. Exfoliate. A very gentle exfoliant, every two to three days (morning or night) will rub away dead skin cells leaving skin feeling smoother and brighter.
  4. Tone. Prep and refresh your skin with a calming toner, we suggest a cucumber based toner such as Dermalogica’s Multi Active Toner.
  5. Moisturise. You need a moisturiser that will hydrate but without leaving skin greasy, no-one wants to apply make-up to greasy-feeling skin!
  6. Eye cream. Don’t forget the delicate skin around your eyes. A good eye cream will help conceal dark circles, relieve puffiness and reduce fine lines.

And to keep you looking picture perfect throughout December to January, we’ve a few extra handy hints!

  1. Spray tan. It won’t actually benefit your skin in anyway, but a spray tan will give you a subtle radiance that will increase your confidence and make you happy. Don’t go too dark, you don’t need to look like you’re on Strictly Come Dancing! A light glow will make you feel that little bit better about yourself, and everyone looks gorgeous with a confident smile on their face!
  2. Keep up the beauty regime, especially making sure you cleanse thoroughly every evening.  However fabulous the party, your face will thank you for taking the time to remove the make-up before it hits the pillow!
  3. Get plenty of sleep between nights out. Dark circles under your eyes only look good at Halloween.
  4. Drink water. I know it’s always mentioned, but your skin will benefit if you swap the Prosecco for a glass of water once in while.
  5. Splash out on a new look! Whilst, just before the festive shindig isn’t the time to experiment with new skincare products, you can live a little on the make-up front. It’s the only time of year when glitter becomes almost obligatory, so invest in sparkly lipstick or glittery nail varnish. Now’s your time to shine!
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