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Spray Tan: Go beyond the pale!

Spring has finally sprung and the sun has been spotted peeking out from behind the clouds. Time to cast off the layers and embrace the spring/summer trends; off-the-shoulder top or fuchsia pink frock anyone?

After months of covering up, baring your body – even if it’s just your shoulders or ankles – can be a bit of a shock. If your limbs are a looking a little pasty, you’ll feel more confident with a bit of added colour!

With limited rays of real sun available and an increased awareness of the dangers of UV light, faking it is the safest, most practical option. It’ll add a healthy glow and quickly disguise any blotchy, uneven skin tones.

There are several fake tanning options available but for guaranteed streak-free even coverage, it’s hard to beat a professional spray tan.

At Salon Ten we offer the award-winning Sienna X spray tanning system with the option of full (£25) or half-body (£15) – upper or lower – coverage. It’s a quick and easy spray that develops over eight hours before showering to reveal a gorgeous summer glow that will last between five and 10 days.

Our experts also offer advice on how to prepare for and make the most of your ‘holiday’ tan.

Here are our ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s for a flawless spray tan:

DO take care to exfoliate and moisturise well in the run-up to your tanning treatment (though don’t moisturise on the actual day). An even tan is much easier to achieve on skin that’s buffed and smooth.

DO talk to the beautician about what colour you’re hoping to achieve.

DON’T pile on the make-up, perfume and beauty products before visiting the salon.

DON’T feel self-conscious. We know it’s easier said than done when you’re stood in a tanning booth, but it’s all in a day’s work for an experienced beautician.

DO leave it at least eight hours before you shower. Protect bed sheets if you’re going to sleep in that time.

DON’T worry if the colour looks dark to begin with, once you’ve showered it should look far more natural.

DON’T expect to wear your best white shirt and skinny jeans straight after the treatment. Wear loose fitting dark, comfy clothing so that clothes don’t get stained. Tight clothing can also cause uneven results.

DO ditch the duffle coat and dare to bare your new ‘post-holiday’ skin in some gorgeous summer brights.

And, with our fantastic loyalty scheme on full body tans, there’s an extra incentive to stay bronzed all season!

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