Case Study: Boost self-esteem with Great Lengths hair extensions

Karen was feeling pretty desperate when she first visited Salon Ten back in September 2015.

She had always had fine hair, but years of bleached blonde highlights and some unsuitable tape-in hair extensions had left her natural hair looking thin.

Senior Stylist Jack Trafene was on hand to offer his reassurance and expertise. Between them they embarked on a long-term plan to make-over Karen’s lacklustre locks.

Over time, the pair have transformed Karen’s crowning glory into a luscious wavy brunette mane. Her thick, new style has also seen her self confidence return.

Using gentle Great Lengths extensions and advising on hair care, the pair have been on a journey that has seen astounding results.

“Hair extensions are not just for girls wanting mermaid-like tresses, although they can be perfect for achieving the Rapunzel look”, explains Jack. “For clients with thinning hair – due to mistreatment, age, illness or medication – extensions can add the volume needed to achieve body and bounce.

“I have to admit I was a little shocked when we first met and I took out the extensions and realised the state of the damage,” says Jack. “Her hair was bleached to an almost white colour and was very thin, it was almost translucent.”

Karen was desperate for a full head of hair but was also concerned about losing what natural hair she had left.

Jack persuaded her to change from tape-in extensions to Great Lengths bonded extensions. These extensions use keratin bonds that are applied to hair without heat damage; the tiny bonds blend into the real hair and are light enough not to pull and break the natural hair. Great Lengths hair extensions can also be brushed, washed and styled like natural hair, and if looked after properly can last for up to six months.

“We spoke about the procedure and how the bonds wouldn’t damage her own hair. We also discussed colouring, opting initially for golden, honey blonde shades which would add depth,” Jack adds.

Using more than 100 bonds of extensions, the first procedure took around four hours, making an immediate difference and lasted for a full six months. For subsequent salon visits, Jack increased the number of extensions to 150 bonds, creating Karen’s dream of voluminous hair.

Fast forward to 2017 and Karen has recently had her fourth set of extensions applied and is thrilled with the results, as well as the condition of her natural hair.

“We have decided to go for a darker shade; being brunette means her hair can take a break from the bleach and also looks thicker and shinier,” says Jack, who is also delighted by the transformation.

“We were both impressed by how her natural hair has recovered to the extent where she needed far fewer extensions this time; she could probably go without them but just loves the extra volume. The difference in her hair – and her self-esteem – is amazing.”

Jack has found the experience rewarding and is proud of the results achieved over time.

“It’s an incredible feeling being able to help someone whose thin hair is upsetting them. It has made me more aware of what can be achieved using hair extensions with proper care and patience.

“We have since had many new clients coming in after seeing what we’ve been able to achieve for Karen. For some, it’s no exaggeration to say the transformation can be life-changing!”


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