Female Pattern Baldness: new hair technology can now add volume.

Most women who take a seat in the hairdresser’s chair are desperate for thick, luscious hair.

For many, the common complaint of lank, lacklustre locks can be dealt with a blow dry and some styling products, but for some the issue is more serious.

Hair loss and thinning hair can become a problem for women who struggle to disguise an exposed scalp or patchy bald areas. In fact, it can be quite a traumatic experience, yet many suffer in silence, losing self-esteem, spending hours trying to hide thin partings, even avoiding social occasions.

The most common cause of hair loss in women is Androgenetic Alopecia, also known as ‘female pattern baldness’.

This hereditary condition is often triggered by hormones and can happen at any time from puberty to menopause. It is estimated that up to half of all women over the age of 65 experience female pattern baldness.

Pattern hair loss sees a reduction in hair thickness which occurs in a certain ‘pattern’ – usually affecting the crown of the head, sometimes revealing visible scalp, while the density of hair at the back of the head usually remains normal.

Hair loss support charity Alopecia UK says there are many aspects to dealing with hair loss, these include: adjusting to the new you; overcoming feelings of low self-esteem; and knowing how to deal with other people’s reaction.

Alopecia UK provides information, advice and support. Alopecia UK communications manager Amy Johnson says: “Adjusting to a new appearance can be very challenging.

“Depending on the extent of your hair-loss this might involve employing a number of techniques to cover up the patches, or deciding that you’re happy not covering it up and concentrating instead on dealing with reactions from family and friends as well as strangers.”

Alopecia UK offers a number of tips on disguising hair loss on their website, ranging from using eyebrow pencils to cover patches to the use of volumising shampoos.

For more support or information regarding alopecia visit www.alopeciaonline.org.uk

At Salon Ten we can help and advise on hairstyles, as well as hair extensions and wigs.

Creative Director and owner, Nicky Marcar has assisted many women who have experienced hair loss through a number of different causes.

For women whose natural hair is thin or patchy due to female pattern baldness, she recommends new hair technology which can add volume to the crown using your natural hair.

Utilising a bespoke hair mesh, Nicky combines clients’ own hair with extra hair attached to the mesh to build up volume.

She says: “What we do is we take a template of the area that needs more hair and we decide what density of hair is required. We then have a mesh made which can combine a client’s own hair with hair of the same colour.

“This piece is placed onto the client’s head and all the client’s hair is pulled through the mesh to join the hair that’s joined on the piece, thus giving more hair on the top section.

 “It is recommended that customers return to the salon once a month to have the piece removed and their natural hair treated – this ensures the natural hair is always kept healthy and the piece is then attached back onto the head.

“The new hair fills out the gaps of the natural hair and can be washed, brushed and styled as usual. For ladies self-conscious about thin hair or bald patches, it really can bring them a new lease of life.”

 For more information and a free consultation call Nicky on 01952 727 555.



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