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Charley was dying to look like Marilyn Monroe!

A year of constant bleaching at a local salon left Charley Toulan with pieces of hair that were breaking off and with hair that was only 2cm long in some places. As a professional Marilyn Monroe impersonator, Charley’s crowning glory was not only vital for her self-confidence but also for her work.

Now, thanks to discovering Salon Ten, the 27-year-old Marilyn Monroe look-a-like, who lives partly in Telford, is back as a confident blonde bombshell; recreating the iconic Marilyn look across the UK.

Charley’s bad hair experience started about a year ago visiting a salon she knew very little about. “I went to a salon that I hadn’t done much research on but it was local. Each time I had my hair bleached it was breaking off more and more and at one point I had hair as short as 2cm around my hairline,” she recalls.

“The hairdresser was combing through my hair, when wet, with a fine tooth comb and I could feel it snapping. She actually emptied the comb out onto the floor and seemed to ignore the fact that it was the size of a mouse of pure broken hair. I was quite upset – I had never had problems being platinum before that. Despite the colour everyone usually comments on how healthy my hair is.”

Charley discovered Salon Ten online when she was trying to find somewhere to do extensions after her hair had to be cut quite short.

Award-winning colourist and stylist Jack Trafene talked Charley through her options, immediately putting her at ease. Using extensions that wouldn’t damage her real hair, and products that would encourage her natural hair to grow back, Jack ensured that Charley now has a full head of Marilyn blonde locks.

“At the salon, they were very sympathetic. We are working on getting my hair back to good health but the extensions have given me the perfect look in the meantime. The broken bits are growing back healthily again and I am over the moon with the look they have created – it’s the best hair I have ever had.” she says.

“I put my faith in Jack and just knew I could trust him to do what my hair needed and whatever it is, it’s working well. Jack is fantastic!”

Charley isn’t a stranger to hair disaster, although the natural brunette reveals that it was a hair nightmare that first led her to embark on a future as Marilyn Monroe.

“I never thought I looked like Marilyn, I was always a brunette. but after a hair disaster when I attempted to just lighten my natural hair colour myself, I ended up almost blonde so just decided to stay with it for a while. That is when people started to comment on how much I looked like Marilyn Monroe. I suppose my face has always been similar but it was never noticeable without her iconic blonde hair to match.”

Charley has now been blonde for three years and is loving life as Marilyn. Her role is varied, sometimes meeting guests as they arrive to events at the end of a red carpet and sometimes filming or having photo shoots as Marilyn. She has even been asked to do voiceovers as her and has sung her iconic songs at events as part of a touring theatre show.

With new hair and confidence bookings are coming in thick and fast. “My friends and family all love it! A lot of them want extensions themselves now! My partner thinks it is the best hair I have ever had.

Clients are always amazed by it – but I don’t tell them half of it isn’t my own hair! I am complimented on it a lot. Someone even stopped me on Regent Street in London the other day to tell me how good my hair was, so I couldn’t be happier!”

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