Salon Ten provide some inspiration and a look at some of the big hair colour trends for autumn/winter 2016.
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  • Published: Sep 22, 2016
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Colours to dye for!

Just like your wardrobe or make-up, your hair colour can often benefit from a seasonal transformation to complement changing skin tone and complexion. Also, a new look cannot fail to lift your mood for winter. You only need to shift your colour by a couple of shades to give it that warmer feel.

Sun-kissed bleach blonde streaks don’t have the same natural look against washed out skin in November as they do in August. So, it’s time for a hair colour rethink.

Autumn is the ideal time to bring some extra warmth and colour to your hair, whether with an all-over colour or selective highlights, streaks or blocks of colour.

Need some inspiration? We take a look at some of the big hair colour trends for autumn/winter 2016.

  1. Warm reds and oranges. From red and copper accents to delicious sounding pumpkin and peach, a touch of spice brings hair into 2016-2017, warming up those winter days. Think Julianne Moore and Isla Fisher’s copper red tones to bring a bit of vintage-style Rita Hayworth glamour. For a more subtle tone, brunettes should add shades of chestnut or mahogany. For a show-stopping look try a warm peach sported by model and famous daughter Georgia May Jagger; but bear in mind this hot young model has tried every colour under the sun, it’s not a shade for everyone.
  1. Back to black. Jet black hair can look a bit gothic and witchy with very pale skin, but that’s not stopped the raven trend on 2016 catwalks and celebrities. Pop singer Katy Perry is amongst celebs who have embraced the Snow White look. If black is too much, then try toning it down with shades of burgundy or chocolate brown.
  1. Show your roots. Celebrities including singer Miley Cyrus and actress Michelle Williams have all been seen out with dark roots and light ends. Put a darker semi-permanent colour at the roots while leaving the ends lighter (or just let your roots grow out between colours). A great style for those who like a little more time between hair appointments.
  1. Snow business. If you really love your summer blond, then how about adding ‘snowlight’ highlights – shimmering pieces of pale blonde scattered across your hair like snow give a sparkling lift to your summer colour.
  1. In the pink. Rose gold is big news, bringing a pink tint to blonde and worn by actress Sienna Miller and more recently American actress and singer Emma Roberts. It’s a look that can be as subtle or daring as you like and suits both blondes and brunettes.
  1. For the brave, how about denim blue? It’s a colour that’s everywhere in fashion and interiors but now its heading up the style stakes for barnets too. The subtle dusty blue was spotted on Nicole Richie and a darker version on brunette singer Lily Allen.
  1. If a more natural look is your thing, then the trend for Bronde is still going strong. The combination of brown and blonde uses a deeper brown base with caramel highlights and is fabulous autumn winter look whatever your natural hue.
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