Salon Ten are experts at nourishing neglected hair that’s ready for a new lease of life!
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  • Published: Sep 29, 2016
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Nourish your neglected hair like Audrey Hepburn!

Spring has finally sprung. The buds are appearing and it’s finally time for you to cast off your woolly hat and reveal your, once, luscious locks!

However, if the winter months have wreaked havoc on your hair and your mane has lost its sheen and become a dull, frizzy and lifeless mop, now is the time for a style SOS!

Christmas and New Year celebrations involved primping and preening into party styles that took straightening, curling and blow-drying to a whole new level and then, when that torture was finished, your ‘barnet’ was subjected to the effects of damp weather and dry central heating or having to deal with both at the same time!

All is not lost. It’s now the season for new beginnings and time to consider a new style or fresh colour!  But, more importantly, it’s the time for some long-overdue hair pampering and we, at Salon Ten, are experts at nourishing neglected hair that’s ready for a new lease of life!

At this time of year, hair ranges from slightly porous to very porous – what we call ‘sensitised’. Hair is made up of 90% keratin and when hair becomes damaged, or ‘sensitised’, due to colouring, straightening and the elements, holes appear in the keratin making it porous and dehydrated. These holes need filling, and treatments are the best way to help!

Treatments can be done at home or in a salon, however, it is more about the procedure than just the product that will help restore your tresses.

In the salon, these type of treatments are usually put under heat which is a way to get the best possible results, but if you are doing it yourself at home, it is important that the product you choose is left on the hair for a reasonable amount of time – even overnight, if you can manage it.

Products that are good for post-winter recovery are ones that have moisturising properties. Deep-conditioning hair masques have the best results as they penetrate right into the cortex (the layer beneath the outer cuticle).

We currently recommend two fantastic products:

1. Elasticizer by Philip Kingsley

This is an award winning pre-shampoo treatment which you place on damp hair and which works on the hair from the inside out ensuring that hair is left deeply nourished almost instantly. Philip Kingsley first created this amazing product for screen legend Audrey Hepburn!

2. Professional Pro Fiber products by L’Oréal

This is a long-lasting, recharging hair care programme. The product is a salon treatment which is then boosted by treatments at home. This range is all about the three Rs – revive, restore and recover!

Both products are available to purchase in the salon or to buy online

Start looking after your locks now and you’ll be ready, willing and able to let your hair down in plenty of time for those summer holidays, parties and festivals!

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