Highlights in an instant!

A hairdressing revolution has arrived in Shropshire: Hollywood-style highlighted locks in a matter of minutes!

For anyone who can’t find the time or inclination to spend all morning sitting in a stylist’s chair staring back at your own face in the mirror, a new treatment could prove revolutionary.

Nicky Marcar, owner of Salon Ten, in Much Wenlock, is an accredited L’Oreal specialist. As a L’Oreal specialist, she was invited to the members-only Colour Congress 2018 in London, to find out more about L’Oreal’s trends and predictions for the year ahead including innovative new products which will change the way customers see hair colouring.

L’Oreal Professionnel’s Instant Highlights is a trailblazing, new lightening treatment which lightens hair by up to six levels in 22 seconds, meaning that hours spent in the salon could now be a thing of the past.

The high-speed procedure uses between five and 15 custom-designed foils (depending on the wanted effect) before applying Instant Highlight Cream, and then smoothing over with a specialised heating iron for 15 to 30 seconds. The iron, which is fixed at a lower temperature than a usual straightening iron, along with the revolutionary cream, speed up the highlighting time significantly.

Sounds too good to be true? We’ve answered some frequently asked questions about the service.


Q. What kind of look can I achieve with Instant Highlights?

Despite only using a few foils, we can achieve many different looks: InstaContouring will frame the face with contouring highlights (using 5-10 pieces of hair); InstaLights add lighter strands for a brighter, sun-kissed look (10-15 pieces of hair);

InstaRevive refreshes grown-out Ombre or Balayage (15 pieces); or try the more daring InstaPop with ‘pops’ of statement shades throughout.


Q. I want a full head of highlights, is this treatment suitable?

No, the point of the service is that it’s super speedy. This treatment uses a maximum of 15 foils and is more suitable for a refresher treatment or a subtle lift than a full-on hair colour.


Q. Will the treatment damage my hair?

No more than any other colouring treatment. The heated irons are only applied for up to 30 seconds and are not as hot as usual straightening irons,


Q. I want to revive my grown-out balayage blonde? Will this service help?

Yes, absolutely. It’s the perfect quick fix for grown out Balayage or Ombre.


Q. I like my relaxing salon time, do I have to change it for a shorter appointment?

No, of course not. Salon Ten offers a range of professional services and we make it our business to find the perfect one for you.


Nicky is over the moon that Salon Ten is one of the first salons in the region to offer the service.

She says: “At Colour Congress 2018, we discovered some exciting new ranges for the year ahead. I was very excited by Instant Highlights. As nice as it is to spend hours being pampered and relaxing with a hot drink and a magazine, in reality sometimes there just isn’t the time. The Instant Highlights service is going to revolutionise the salon experience for busy clients who want fabulous results in an instant.

“Later in the year, L’Oreal Professionnel will also be launching another cutting-edge product; an organic water-based range of hair colourant, which customers can find out more about later this year. Watch this space!”

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