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  • Published: Apr 15, 2019
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Looking forward to a bright green future with Davines!

Salon Ten is delighted to team up with a new product range from Davines, who shares our ethos of sustainability and consideration for the health of people and the planet.

Davines is a beauty and haircare range with a passion for creating beauty by encouraging people to take care of themselves and of the environment in which they live and work.

Our vision is to provide the best salon experience for our clients. We have turned our attention to the bigger picture, caring for the planet, which in turn delivers a kinder, more natural service to customers. So, finding and working with Italian Davines is a match made in heaven, helping us to combat the idea that salons have to be a toxic environment full of man-made chemicals. Salon Ten is the only salon in Shropshire to stock Davines hair products.

Nicky explains why Salon Ten and Davines are the perfect green partnership:


What is Davines all about?

Davines is a family-owned, international hair-care brand distributed in 70 countries around world, guided by the principle of sustainable beauty.


What are the products?

As well as being sustainable, the products are amazing. Salon Ten will be using and selling Davines Essential range of shampoos and conditioners and the More Inside styling products.  The colours selected are Mask with Vibrochom, A  New Colour and View.


Would you say you’ve found a perfect partnership?

Like Davines, Salon Ten also has the local community and environment in mind and the best products for our clients is paramount. If we can do our bit for the environment too then we feel we are doing our job.


Which is more important to you: product quality or sustainability?

It is always important that the products are the best they can be in performance and kindness to the clients hair as our clients are our first priority.  So the fact we have found a product which is also sustainable is great.  Davines is a product which fits with where we feel the salon sits in the market. We already recycle, and our backwashes use 50% air and 50% water, all our lights are LED to reduce our energy print. We recycle our hair extensions to the Little Princess Trust so we have that ethos bubbling already.


Davines describe themselves as having a ‘pioneering spirit’. Is this something you can relate to?

Absolutely as we are always looking for new ideas or new methods and definitely if it benefits our clients.


Do you have a favourite product from the range?

Yes, I am loving the new View Demi range of hair colours which has an ingredient of olive oil which is unique to the brand; the finish on the clients’ hair is amazing!


What are you finding that customers are particularly enjoying about the products?

The clients are loving the look of the products and they love the ethos around the brand. People are very aware of the issues of the environment.


How important is it that you remain at the cutting edge of new hair and beauty products?

It is important as we owe it to ourselves as stylists and our clients to be at the forefront of technology and new techniques.  It keeps us, as stylists, excited and motivated and in turn the clients benefit. Working with good companies helps us achieve this.


How important is it to you that Salon Ten has an ethos of sustainability?

It should be important to all of us!

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