Blue and silver gel nail polish

Polish up your act with beautiful gel nails!

With the party season just around corner, we’re all looking for sparking sophistication from top to tips; gorgeous glossy fingernails are the finishing touch that add that extra bit of glamour to brighten up winter.

Gel polish has revolutionised the manicured talon, meaning that you no longer have to suffer the frustration of leaving the nail salon only to dent your party perfect nails the minute you dig into your handbag to find your phone! Gel nails mean shiny, glossy colour that promise to look pristine for at least a fortnight.

But when you’ve splashed out on the ideal Christmas gifts for your loved ones, it’s likely that finances aren’t as healthy as they might be. This is why many people bypass their favourite salon in favour of a cheaper long-term option – DIY home gel nail kits from the local chemist.

However, as tempting as the cash saving can be, neglecting the professionals can sometimes be a false economy. Not only are they fiddly but worse still, could cause damage to the natural nail.

Consider this:

1. The lamps that come with home gel kits have a lower wattage so are not as strong as professional gel lamps. This means you can only dry a few fingers at a time and the drying process takes longer than at the salon.

2. As the drying time is longer, gels cured with home gel lamps may not cure thoroughly which can lead to chipping, bubbling and wrinkling of the gel or the gel peeling off completely shortly afterwards, leading to damage to the natural nail.

3. Cheap home gels can be very damaging to your nail and can be very difficult to remove. Professionally applied (and removed) soft gels are kinder to the natural nail, causing minimal damage.

4. A DIY kit is unlikely to last as long as a professionally applied gel which should give you a minimum of two weeks of bullet-proof perfect pointers. And it there is a problem, any good beautician will rectify the problem as soon as possible, you won’t get that service with a home kit.

5. Performing a gel manicure yourself at home is not as easy as the professionals make it look! It can be fiddly to get right and any slight imperfection will ruin the look of your shiny new A-lister nails.

Basically, if you want a better finish, a lot less faff, visit the professionals. Besides, you’ll also benefit from the chance to relax and let the professionals work their magic while you sit back and read a magazine. Surely, you deserve that little Christmas treat of your own?!




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