Sustainable Beauty

It’s a big ask for a hair and beauty business, but the team here at Salon Ten are doing everything in their power to protect the planet and its occupants.

Known for chemicals and shelves brimming with plastic bottles, a salon is not the first place you’d expect to find eco-warriors. Yet, our superbly stylish salon has done a huge amount of research to discover quality products with ethical credentials.

Our salon owner, Nicky Marcar, has been looking at environmentally-friendly products for quite some time and is determined to go even greener. The challenge is to make sure that products are also perfect for our clients’ needs – compromising on quality is not an option.

Salon Ten has made many small changes that truly add up: stylists save water by using 50% air and water for their backwashes; the salon is lit with low energy LED lighting throughout; towels are disposable and recyclable; products used (and for sale) in the salon arrive in reusable or easily recyclable packaging, and customers can refill bottles rather than buy yet more containers!

A big leap forward has come with our partnership with Davines, an Italian family business that creates exclusive hair care products whilst promoting sustainability. Using ingredients of natural origin, Davines sees ‘beauty’ and ‘good’ as inseparable ideals.

From packaging, transport and carbon footprint, Davines is truly innovative in everything to do with the Davine’s brand. The business also supports the wellbeing of its employees around the world, promoting diversity and inclusion, gender equality, high quality of life and professional development.

Nicky says: “When we discovered Davines we were so happy to find a business that had succeeded in producing a harmony of product, humans, and nature. All of their products are sustainable, they run reforestation projects, and use containers made from a cane sugar derivative.

“They even campaign for gender equality – half of their products have a recycling symbol carrying an image of a woman putting a product in the bin, instead of a man!”

Nicky is proud of all that they’ve achieved at Salon Ten but is still looking to the future.

She says: “We don’t shout about our eco-friendly credentials, it’s just what we do and what everyone should be doing. Our clients love the fact that we think green so that they can relax. People are busy and time poor so if they can do the right thing with minimal effort then of course they want to.”

She is still striving to achieve ultimate sustainability, with one particular bugbear to work on next.

“I’ve still not found a suitable replacement for the foils we use in hair colouring,” she confesses.

Though with Nicky’s determination, she’s sure to be the first in the region to discover a greener solution to perfect highlights.


Support for green start-up

Nicky is also proud to support a business much closer to home with sponsorship of a pop-up shop in Telford.

Nicky is backing The Little Green Pantry, a one-woman business on a mission to be the first zero waste store in Telford. Selling loose dried food products and refill household and personal care products, the shop is founded by a new mother who wanted to provide sustainable products at an affordable price.

“I’m happy to help another little business which shares our ethos. After having built up my own business, I feel privileged to be in the position of offering a leg up to a fabulous enterprise,” she says.


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