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The lengths we go to create perfect hair extensions for the new season!

Long luscious tresses worn loose, piled high or tied back in ponytails were big news on the fashion catwalks for Spring 2019.

Length and volume are definite trends for spring/summer 2019 making it a particularly busy time for queen of the hair extensions Nicky Marcar, managing director of Salon Ten.

Nicky works with industry experts Great Lengths creating stunning, long locks for her clients. As well as ensuring that her salon has reached the top Gold standard for hair extensions, she is also a teacher for the brand. Her role takes her to London, Glasgow, Leeds and Dublin and she also visits salons in Wales and the West Midlands ensuring they are reaching the high standards expected of a Great Lengths-endorsed salon.

The appointments diary back at home in Shropshire is also packed for Nicky, with clients from Shropshire, Wales and the Midlands wanting a new look for a new season.

Nicky has been working with hair extensions for over a decade but says that she has seen a huge improvement in quality over the years which makes them more popular than ever.

“The quality of the hair and how it is coloured and treated has improved drastically,” she says. “However, you can still get bad hair extensions as the industry is not regulated which is why you should always do your research and make sure you use a reputable salon.”

Nicky discovered Great Lengths (GL) more than 10 years ago when she was sourcing a brand that fitted with the ethos of Salon Ten. The salon went on to gain Gold status, and Nicky won an award with GL for their ‘tomorrow’s look’. From there, she got a chance to go onto the artistic team, and was then offered a place as an educator.

Nicky says that clients are still very much driven by fashion, celebrity and social media. She admits that whilst she’s at the top of her game for products, process and trends, she’s not very good on who’s who in the celebrity world!

“Mostly I have to Google who they are on about as I’m not good on celebs. Of course Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian are constantly being mentioned. “Colour-wise, blonde is still the trend of the moment, with pink and lilac hues. Sadly, the pastel shades don’t last well, which we have to make sure clients are aware of.”

As well as fashion, hair extensions can be used to boost self confidence in customers with thinning hair due to stress or medical conditions.

“This is an ever-increasing clientele mainly due to the fact that people are starting to talk about this and the realisation that there are so many things that can be done,” says Nicky.

“The world we live in can be a stressful one due to our jobs and social media, this can have an effect on our hair. Also general hairdressing can cause damage to hair which is why we use the best products – quality of our clients’ hair is paramount.”

GL extensions offer different options for different clients, so it’s important for Nicky to find out more about her clients and what they hope to achieve for their hair.

Individual real-hair bonds can offer long locks that last up to five months with proper care and attention. Alternatively, revolutionary GL tapes can be applied in around an hour and taken out and reapplied; perfect for those who just want a temporary hair boost.

“GL tapes are fab for clients who have thinning hair. Also some clients don’t like the permanency of extensions, for example a client may want them for a wedding but not their honeymoon so we can remove and put back in whenever. GL Tapes are a great temporary length lasting six to eight weeks and can be re-taped up to three times.”

At Salon Ten, keeping up with latest products, training and techniques is vital.

“We love new techniques and new colours or new trends and so we always make sure we work closely with all our suppliers and we are always looking at the industry through Instagram and other social media,” says Nicky.

It is this ethos which has kept Salon Ten at the top of its game. 2018 was a particularly impressive year with Salon Ten winning the award for Best Small Business in the Shropshire Chamber Business Awards.

It was also the year that stylist Jack Trafene was crowned winner in the ‘Captivating Colour’ category at the Great Length Awards.

“I was so overwhelmed with the business awards. To be honest i still can’t believe it! To be recognised outside of the industry was amazing.

“I was also so pleased and so proud with Jack’s success. Jack started with me as an apprentice and has grown into an amazing hairdresser. I like to think I’ve helped him along the way, so I was chuffed to bits.”

For 2019, Salon Ten has further innovations in store but Nicky remains tight lipped on the exact changes ahead.

“We are thinking of a slightly new direction for the salon, more niche products, organic etc but we will reveal more later in the year!”

Whatever the plans, you can guarantee that Nicky and her award-winning team will be leading the way in haircare and style!

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