Top tips for wearing wigs

Have fun with fabulous wigs!

Want to be a blonde bombshell one day and a sultry brunette the next?

Your hair doesn’t have to go through the harsh effects of dyeing it blonde, black or auburn on a whim, if you opt for a wig!

Wigs are often seen as a necessity, a cover-up for thin hair. But we’re hoping to bring the fun and fashion into wigs, whatever your circumstances!

A great fitting, good quality wig can look as natural as your real hair and means you can swap from short to long, raven to copper, in minutes, without any chemicals stripping out your hair’s natural oils, leaving your tresses dry and frazzled.

Actresses and models who need to change their hairstyle as often as their designer frocks, have long known the secret of the wig.

Pirates of the Caribbean and Atonement actress Keira Knightley recently revealed she now wears wigs after too much dye was causing her hair to fall out. She has previously dyed her hair for many film roles.

She told InStyle magazine: “I have dyed my hair virtually every colour imaginable for different films. It got so bad that my hair literally began to fall out of my head. So for the past five years I’ve used wigs, which is the greatest things that’s ever happened to my hair.”

The celebrity red carpet sees many pop stars don a hair piece for a show stopping look without the commitment.

Last year, Katie Holmes opted for a dramatic blunt bob and fringe at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala in New York City. It was so convincing that many believed she’d gone for the chop!

Saturday television favourite Strictly Come Dancing sees stars pull on a wig and throw off their inhibitions in a bid to get into character and reach that perfect 10 from Len!

The Halloween show is a particular favourite for dressing up, but more natural wigs are used on a regular basis.  In the 2015 series, The Saturdays’ Frankie Bridge wore wigs to transform her usual pixie cut look. For her jive, social media went into overdrive discussing the long and short of her suddenly long, luscious locks!

Pop star and Queen of the transformation, Lady Gaga, has long used wigs to experiment with fringes, curls or poker straight styles, trying every colour from a sleek platinum bob, long, black tresses to firey auburn barnet. The pop princess knows that a wig can alter your entire look in a matter of minutes!

Other celebs on the red carpet who regularly pose for the paparazzi in glamorous wigs include singer Katy Perry, reality star Kylie Jenner and pop diva Rihanna

But you don’t need to be an A-lister (or Z-lister) to try a wig. It’s a fun and fabulous way to experiment with style and colour without commitment or untold damage to your hair.

Just take heed of our top tips for wig wearing:

  1. Don’t go too bold or retro unless you want to look like you’re going to a fancy dress party. Experiment with natural looking wigs.
  2. Invest in a quality wig and look after it, and store it on a wig head. You don’t want a wild witchy mess (unless it’s Halloween!)
  3. For those with thick natural hair underneath, make sure it is all tucked in using pins and a wig cap.
  4. Get a hairstylist to cut your wig into a shape and style that suits your face.

Then have fun with it. We guarantee that once you get used to it, you’ll be wanting a wig for every occasion!

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