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Your health and beauty is written all over your face!

The British weather spells doom and gloom for your skin. One minute you’re being lashed by gale force winds, the next it’s raining, hailing or sunny. Who knows what nature will be throwing at you next? The only thing we can be certain of is that the UK temperatures play havoc with our complexion.

With little more than a SPF moisturiser for protection, your face deals with inclement conditions on the outside, followed by the drying effects of central heating when we’re inside. No wonder that, most mornings, pre-make-up, we’re not looking our most radiant.

Now it might sound strange, but there could be more to that annoying forehead flare-up, blotchy cheek or dark eye circles than you think; with the right expertise, your face – particularly those niggling flaws – can tell you a lot about your skin and your entire body. And it’s to do with a lot more than the weather map.

Face mapping has become popular over the last few years. Based on ancient Chinese and Indian skin theories, it’s a bit like reflexology of the face. Problems emerging in different area of the face could indicate that something’s not quite right in an entirely different part of the body.

The face is made up of 14 ‘zones’. By examining your face, a professional skin therapist can offer a personalised beauty ‘prescription’ designed to bring out the very best in your face and body, your best possible defence against harsh British weather.

For a proper diagnosis, we offer a free 30-minute face mapping session in our award-winning beauty salon. You can then opt to follow up with a luxurious one-hour Dermalogica Skin Treatment, customised to your skin’s needs followed by one of our 15-minute Dermalogica Touch Therapies – offering extra attention where you need it most.

Alternatively, concentrate on just one skin concern with our exclusive Dermalogica Microzone treatments – the quick fix for troubled skin.

With our new loyalty scheme, you can even enjoy a free facial once you’ve collected six stamps!

In the meantime, here are some simple signs that you can look out for yourself.

  1. Frequent breakouts in the forehead area can be linked to bladder and digestive system. Drinking more water and eating more healthy, natural whole foods should help.
  2. Surprisingly, your ears could also point to dehydration and a need for fewer toxins such as caffeine and alcohol. It might sound odd but ears are related to the kidneys, so if your ears feel hot, you need to listen to what they’re trying to tell you.
  3. Skincare problems on your cheeks come in different forms, maybe broken capillaries, spots or rashes? Your cheeks could be indicating signs of respiratory distress due to allergies, pollution or smoking.
  4. Suffering an embarrassing red nose? This could indicate heightened blood pressure or poor circulation.
  5. Like the ears, your eyes can be a window to how your kidneys are fairing. Dark circles underneath the eyes are often hereditary but are made worse by lack of water and sleep.

Don’t forget that the weather, hygiene, diet, hormones and genetics can also play a part in causing skin conditions and acne; and that any recurring symptoms or doubts about your health should be referred to a doctor.

However, face mapping can point you in the right direction for a gorgeous, sunny complexion. Remember, that annoying pimple could be far more telling than you think. Besides, when the weather outside is frightful, what could be better than hiding away in a serene salon enjoying a relaxing, pampering facial?

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