Here at Salon Ten you may have noticed we have now introduced a booking charge when booking any appointments with us. We really didn’t want to do this as a business but as I’m sure many of you can understand with the current situation, we can’t afford to have people either not turn up on the day without any notice or any last-minute cancellations meaning we are left with big gaps in our day unable to fill.


Late last year we experienced a lot of ‘no shows’ or last-minute cancellations for various reasons, after being shut for several months of the year both in 2020 and 2021 we were at a point where the business was beginning to struggle. Because of this reason we decided to introduce the booking fee…  If an appointment is cancelled within 48 hrs of the appointment, then the cancellation fee will be charged. However, if you keep your appointment and things all go to schedule then the booking fee obviously comes off the total value of your appointment.


We have had a few clients in the last couple of weeks experience this and have explained that they don’t agree or seem to be very upset/angry with this choice. However, this is in process for the survival of the company, to ensure that you all have salon10 to return to.

That said, for those of you lovely clients who have offered to pay the full cost of your appointments when cancelling, we are very grateful for your loyalty and support.

Salon Ten xx

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