Comfort Zone Remedy Kit - Soothing Protective Face Kit

The professional, fragrance-free solution for sensitive, sensitized and redness-prone skin. The soothing protective oil is the ideal S.O.S treatment for the areas that need the most care, such as dry patches, irritations, roughness. The soothing cream, with a barrier-effect texture, nourishes and calms even the driest and most delicate skin.

Active Ingredients

DEFENSE CREAM Marvel of Peru Marula oil Natural-Origin Prebiotic: Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide is a prebiotic derived from natural sugars and has a defense action. The oligosaccharide, working as a prebiotic, protects the integrity of the skin’s natural flora, thereby reinforcing the microorganisms which cohabit the surface of the skin. 92% natural-origin ingredients. OIL Marula oil Almond oil Sesame oil Jojoba oil 99% of natural origin ingredients

How to Use

REMEDY DEFENSE CREAM Apply daily, morning and evening, to clean skin and after the serum. Massage delicately until completely absorbed. REMEDY OIL For localized application as a SOS treatment or in combination with the cream for extra nourishment and protection. Apply a small amount of the oil and massage until completely absorbed. The product can be applied morning and evening, alone or in combination with the cream, to reach optimal nourishment and protection.

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