Comfort Zone RENIGHT CREAM 60ml - nourishing vitamin cream

Face night cream with certified organic Goji berry oil, hydrolyzed tomato extract and hyaluronic acid. Thanks to its rich formula, this is a complete night treatment. Recommended for all skin types. Ideal for undernourished, dry, stressed and tired skins.


Feeling of comfort at waking up. Skin is nourished, soft and relaxed. Pleasant scent. Anti-oxidant action. Rich in carotenoids. Without silicones: replaced by nourishing oils and butters for a ”true active beauty” skin action.

Active Ingredients

Certified organic Goji berry oil Hydrolyzed tomato extract Macadamia oil Hyaluronic acid Vitamin E 88% of ingredients of natural origin

How to Use

Apply in the evening, after face cleansing, on the face, neck and neckline and massage until completely absorbed. Warning: people allergic to nuts might be more sensitive to the product. Try applying a small quantity of the product on the forearm to test for tolerability. Please read the warnings on the package.

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